Women’s Center for Radiology

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Our Presentation from 1/3/18

Hey Megan,

It was great catching up with you yesterday and learning more about the marketing of your facilities.  We understand your current situation and hope to have the opportunity to work with you in the future.

Regarding an option to split this service into components, I am working on an answer and will follow up with you next week.

You may recall that we have a website and social media audit promotion for signing up for our system.  Below, I have outlined what is included. We can discuss this in more detail in the coming months.

Thanks again for your time and we look forward to speaking again.


Eve and the JHMG team

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So, what’s in that offer again?



What is right and wrong with your website? How much business are you missing out on? Where are you missing possible new customers, referring providers, and employers? Is your referral process as easy as possible? We’ll give you the answers.


What should you be posting to get the word out? What are the top posts to make to draw in new patients and inform people about the cost differences? Now you’ll know!


This secret sauce everyone wants! Get your website ranking above everyone else without having to pay advertising costs for it. Now you’ll know how.
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