Analytics & Reporting Systems

Visual Reporting in Operations and Marketing

Focus Your Efforts With Data-Driven Decisions
See how your patients are finding you and learn how to reach your customers most effectively. Our analytics and reporting tools not only show you how you're doing, they help you maximize efficiency.

Cloud-Based, Simple, Actionable

View your reports from anywhere from within our HIPAA compliant, cloud-based reporting system. We connect to your system and load data daily to show you the inner workings of your company within seconds.

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Target demographics

Target Your Demographics

Who's Looking at You?

Do you know what demographics are looking at your website?What geographic area are you targeting?

We help you narrow down your target audience so you get better results with less time and money.

See When and Where People are Finding You Online

No More Guessing

Where are people finding you? Is it from paid ads or organic Google searches? Maybe it's from your social media sites or from one of your partners? Our website analytics will show you how people are getting to your website. It will also tell you what time of day and day of the week has the highest traffic.

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radiology website analytics

See What Pages on Your Site are Most Popular and Where People Leave

Our analytics reveal which areas of your site are viewed the most.

What's more, you can see heat maps of what section of each page has the most mouse movement. In addition to the most popular areas of the site, you can see where people tend to drop off. This data helps us understand how visitors interact with your site to maximize usability.

Email Marketing Reports

Who's Opening Your Emails?

Find out what emails are the most popular to determine specific interest groups within your audience. We optimize the day and time that your emails are sent to increase reader engagement.

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Radiant Growth System Setup:

The Radiant Growth System Setup includes the following items:

What does all this mean? It means that we have to set up our content to match your branding, then make sure that when we send out emails it looks like it’s coming from you and if someone takes a look at an article it looks like it’s on your website.

The Radiant Growth System has to be set up one time for any one of the three target markets. That means that if you set it up for providers, you might as well go ahead and use it for patients as well.

So, if you get started with just providers you can get employers and patients started at the same time for a lot less cost.

One Time, All Three Systems Setup Fee: $4495