Patient & Referral Forms

Goodbye Paperwork, Hello Efficiency

You're busy and so are your patients and referring partners. That's why we have simple, convenient, and secure online forms for your site that are a breeze to use. We have a variety of customizable forms to add to your site as you need them.

Book More Appointments

Picking up the phone to schedule an appointment isn't something most of us look forward to.

Sometimes patients need to schedule an appointment discretely from their office break room or after hours. A quick online form lets more people inquire about an appointment in a way that's convenient and easy.

Book Appointment Online

Grow Referrals

Get More Referrals

In the age of self-driving cars and voice-to-text, sending faxes is outdated. But you don't need to build a physician referral portal to make a difference in your referral process. We make it fast and painless for your referring physicians to send patients your way.

Expedite Patient Check-in

Filling out paperwork in the office can end up taking longer than expected which could lead to delays through the rest of your day. What's more, patients are able to complete their paperwork more thoroughly if they can do it at home, at their own pace. Everyone wins, and you get your lunch break on time!

Expedite Patient Check-in
Fewer Missed appointment

Fewer Missed Appointments

Patients that have their exam information and paperwork filled out ahead of time are less likely to show up late or miss appointments. Fewer missed appointments means more efficiency for your team and better service for your patients.

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Radiant Growth System Setup:

The Radiant Growth System Setup includes the following items:

What does all this mean? It means that we have to set up our content to match your branding, then make sure that when we send out emails it looks like it’s coming from you and if someone takes a look at an article it looks like it’s on your website.

The Radiant Growth System has to be set up one time for any one of the three target markets. That means that if you set it up for providers, you might as well go ahead and use it for patients as well.

So, if you get started with just providers you can get employers and patients started at the same time for a lot less cost.

One Time, All Three Systems Setup Fee: $4495